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CancerProbe Technology

CancerProbe’s novel technology uses the lymph nodes, which drain a cancer, for harvesting the anti-cancer antibodies directly from their point of origin. In the activated lymph nodes antibody secreting cells (ASCs) are generated… >>

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About Us

CancerProbe Pty Ltd is an Australian Biotechnology company that has developed a unique, platform technology for identifying immune biomarkers and tumor antigens in various types of solid cancers. Based on its proprietary… >>

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Technological advantages

Proprietary Technology

Proprietary technology with a high probability of generating novel, clinical products.
Provides individual immune profiles or signatures that can inform diagnosis and therapies.


Identify novel antigens as diagnostic markers and/or drug targets and human antibodies as therapeutics or aids in discovering vaccine candidates.

Antibody Discoveries

Diagnostic and therapeutic antibody discoveries with higher specificity due to their isolation from draining lymph nodes rather than serum.


Compatible with other platforms such as 2D western blotting and proteomic analysis, expression and phage display library screening, glycan and peptide array screening.

Also compatible with Glycan and peptide array screening, Antibody selection and expression systems.

The CancerProbe technology is a discovery tool for:

  • Diagnostic markers and biomarkers
  • Immune profiling for immunotherapy
  • Therapeutic antibodies
  • Vaccine candidates

Proof of principle

  • Immune profiles of breast and ovarian cancers.
  • Identification of tumor antigens for diagnosis and therapy of breast and ovarian cancers