CancerProbe Pty Ltd is an Australian Biotechnology company that has developed a unique, platform technology for identifying immune biomarkers and tumor antigens in various types of solid cancers. Based on its proprietary technology, the company is currently developing predictive biomarkers for immunotherapy and blood tests for the early diagnosis of breast and ovarian cancers.


An effective immune response is an essential part of the body’s anti-tumor defense. Cancer cells are different to normal, healthy cells, and the body produces “antibodies” that recognize these molecular differences (tumor antigens) in a very specific manner. Such antibodies can be produced very early during cancer progression – often before cancer growth is visible – making them the most sensitive and specific tool for identifying early stages of tumor development. Previous techniques, using antibodies present in the blood to identify tumor-associated antigens (TAAs), were hindered by the massive dilution of tumor-specific antibodies with non-relevant antibodies in the circulation.